The AI Layer-2 for Google Chrome

The AI Layer-2 for Google Chrome

Own and earn from your data with DecentralizedAI - the AI layer for your Google Chrome browsing.

Run The Extension & Earn

Use the internet, run a data node, and earn.

All it takes is an active internet connection and an AI Cube NFT.

DecentralizedAI Ecosystem

Why mine with DecentralizedAI?

Natively on Chrome
Mint your AI Cube & earn from mining every day.
Income layer for internet users
DecentralizedAI allows every Google Chrome user to earn by browsing the internet. It’s a straightforward retail adoption channel.
Scaled by network adoption
Every new user grows the network effect of DecentralizedAI. It makes the data market stronger and more resilient every day.

DecentralizedAI Browser Extension

Download chrome extension, connect your device and equip an AI Cube. The extension works as a method to collect your data.


Own & trade your data. Your Artificial Intelligence Cube NFTs represent browsing data, and they can be used to mine tokens. You can trade the NFT assets as well.

DecentralizedAI SDK

DecentralizedAI SDK is a software development kit that allows developers and companies to buy the data and plug it into their apps.

As well, the SDK allows other companies to white label DecentralizedAI data collection engine, to allow their product users to monetize their data

Witness the Innovative Era of Artificial Intelligence Cube

AI Oriented On-Chain Cube that mines your network data

Everyones can monetize data simply by using DecentralizedAI.
Your data is zero value unless you mine them. Do not let others steal your data and cash out.

The Decentrazlized ecosystem lets you mint your AI Cube so you can mine your own network data. The data could be sold or kept, as you desire.
NFT collection

Earn Passive Income

AI oriented on-chainCube that mines your network data

AI Cube produces DAII, which is the basic unit to monetize flow of your income.

AI Cubes have tiers. Higher tiers increase reward rate.

You need to recharge the battery of AI Cubes with tokens.

Market Size

The global data market was valued at $271B in 2022 and is projected to grow to $745B by 2030.
Valuation of $74B
Valuation of $80B
Valuation of $5B
Valuation of $18.4B

DecentralizedAI is the Dedicated Infrastructure for the AI adoption.

Truly Decentralized

DecentralizedAI is the ecosystem that is truly decentralize: users share the revenue which originates from their browsing.

On the Decentralized ecosystem, anyone can mint their own AI Cube to mine their own network data. The data could be sold or kept, as the ownership is in the hands of users.

For Everyone

Anyone can use DecentralizedAI to mine tokens by browsing the internet.

Start by downloading the browser extension, available now.

Highly Scalable

Decentralized SDK allows other companies to white label DecentralizedAI data collection engine.

Companies and developers could easily insert the SDK into their apps, enabling easy and fast onramp of the users.

Q3 2023

- Ideation of DecentralizedAI

- Development of DecentralizedAI Browser Extension

- Structure of network data mining mechanism

Q4 2023

- AI Cube, AI Cylinder NFT prototype

‍- Test network data mining mechanism

Q1 2024

- IDO on top tier Launchpads

- Listing on top tier exchanges

- $INJAI Token Launch

Q3 2023

- Decentralized Browser Extension Beta release

- Decentralized Marketplace Beta release

- Introduce xINJAI on Marketplace

- AI Cube, AI Cylinder Launch

Q3-Q4 2024

- Decentralized VPN Beta release

- Decentralized Mainnet Beta

- Decentralized Browser Extension release

- Development of Decentralized SDK


- Decentralized Marketplace release

- Decentralized Mainnet release

- Decentralized VPN release

- Decentralized SDK release

- Companies and developers can start inserting DecentralizedAI income structure into their platforms