$DAII is the utility token for mainstream AI adoption on Google Chrome

DecentralizedAI is an AI Layer2 for Google Chrome's 3.32 billion userbase. $DAII is the native token and enables earning functionality on our Extension, and transactions on our Network.
DAII stakers can vote on governance proposals. Example votes may include: token distribution as staking yield, buyback & burns, or funding specific developments.
DecentralizedAI Network
DAII is the final storage of value in the DecentralizedAI network. Income from selling network data within the ecosystem can only be transacted in DAII.
AI Cubes
DAII tokens are needed to recharge the battery of AI Cubes. You need to recharge every time that the battery depletes to continue mining reward tokens.

The Revenue

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Ecosystem Revenue Streams

Artificial Intelligence Cube
Your Artificial Intelligence Cube NFTs represent the storage of value, and they earn reward tokens. The data gets monetized and users themselves choose the type of data they want packaged and monetized, while DecentralizedAI charges a fee.
Tokens are used to operate the cashflow & dataflow of the DecentralizedAI ecosystem. AI labs and data companies pay with $DAII tokens to buy the network data.
AI Safe
AI Safe is the perpetual staking mechanism that enables users to stake once to access all of the staking benefits in a single portal: earning APY, acquiring AI Cubes, DAO voting and other benefits.

Dual Token System

DecentralizedAI will launch 2 tokens to enable its economy. DAII is the main utility token, and AIJ is the secondary token as a reward for participating in the economy.
DAII Distribution
DAII Tokens

The AI Market Opportunity: Data Business & The AI Market

Due to the pandemic, digital transformation in manufacturing, retail and various sectors was inevitable. It has evolved data generation more than ever.

Artificial Intelligence technologies are being applied to help and change human technology, regardless of macro conditions.

This favorable environment has made the global data market grow to the value of $271B in 2022 and is projected to grow to $745B by 2030.
The growth is not limited to Web2 industries: it acts as a gateway for Web3 projects like DecentralizedAI, which gives greater opportunities to the market by allowing users to earn from their browsing, while contributing to AI.
The transition from Web2 to Web3 has historically presented a barrier to entry. However, users are increasingly recognizing that centralization isn't the sole option. By embracing Web3 and decentralization, individuals can achieve greater security, privacy, and conduct open transactions without reliance on intermediaries.

The data illustrates a significant influx of funds into AI ventures, with Worldcoin securing a total funding of $240M and Fetch.ai raising $61.9M. DecentralizedAI, rooted in community with an initial valuation of $10M, adopts a Web3 framework through its utilization of a Google Chrome Extension. Fetch.AI boasts a valuation of $1.8B, while Worldcoin sits at an impressive $74B valuation.

AI Market Value Global Growth

Neuralink has raised $280 Million in funding at a valuation of $5 Billion dollars.
OpenAI seeks new funding at a valuation of $100 Billion dollars.
Anthropic is in talks to raise $750 Million in funding at a valuation of $18.4 Billion.

The first AI ecosystem that distributes revenue streams back to the community

Until now, tech giants have monopolized revenue generated from their users.

DecentralizedAI redefines the value structure and allows its users to benefit from their browsing.

DecentralizedAI: Infrastructure of the AI ecosystem

Users produce network data on Google Chrome. Their data gets transacted via AI Cubes & DAII tokens.
Decentralized Marketplace is the hub for data companies to purchase user data. The process compensates users who sell their data.
DecentralizedAI Chrome Extension: download the extension, connect your device and equip an AI Cube. The extension works as a method to collect, package and transact your data.

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