The AI Layer2 for Google Chrome.

Own and earn from your data with DecentralizedAI - the AI layer for your Google Chrome browsing.

Run The Extension & Earn

Use the internet, run a data node, and earn.
All it takes is an active internet connection and a Artificial Intelligence Cube.

DecentralizedAI Ecosystem

Sell network data
Mine tokens
Data Flow
DecentralizedAI Platform
(Extension, VPN, SDK, Marketplace)
Sell network data
Compensates with tokens
Data Marketplace
Trusted by next-generation startups

Why mine with DecentralizedAI?

Natively on Chrome
Half of the world’s internet users - over 3 billion - are on Google Chrome. They are 1 click away from installing DecentralizedAI on their browser.
Income Layer for Internet Users
DecentralizedAI allows every Google Chrome to earn by browsing the internet. It’s a straightforward retail adoption channel.
Scaled by Network Adoption
Every new user is grows the network effect of DecentralizedAI. It makes the data market stronger and more resilient every day.
Trusted by next-generation startups
DecentralizedAI Browser Extension

DecentralizedAI Browser Extension

Download the DecentralizedAI Chrome Extension, connect your device and equip AI Cube. The extension works as a method to collect, package and monetize your data.
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Own & trade your data. Your Artificial Intelligence Cube NFTs represent the storage of value, and they can be used to mine tokens. You can trade the NFT assets as well.
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Corporate apps

DecentralizedAI SDK

DecentralizedAI SDK enables developers to plug earning & monetization of user data into their apps. If they integrate DecentralizedAI, it offers a new user acquisition model to them: users can earn by using their apps.

Witness the Innovative Era of

Artificial Intelligence Node

Witness the Innovative Era of


Artificial Intelligence Cubes: NFTs for trading data & enabling AI income

DecentralizedAI NFTs collect, package and feed your data to AI algorithms, monetizing it in the process. You choose the privacy & data level that you want monetized - you’re in control.

DecentralizedAI enables passive income to 3.32bn+ Google Chrome users.

The AI Income Infrastructure for 3.32bn Chrome Users.

Once you get an Artificial Intelligence Cube, you can start mining tokens.
Artificial Intelligence Cubes have tiers. Higher tiers increase reward rate.
You need to recharge the battery of AI Cubes with tokens.

Market Size

The global data market was valued at $271B in 2022 and is projected to grow to $745B by 2030.
Valuation of $74B
Valuation of $80B
Valuation of $5B
Valuation of $18.4B

The Layer2 of Google Chrome: Enabling AI Adoption to the Masses

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network
DePIN allows to host the most secure and resilient global networks. DecentralizedAI has the potential to become the most decentralized network in history, validated by Google Chrome users.
The CryptoAI Revolution
With DecentralizedAI, anyone can mint their own AI Cube to mine rewards by monetizing their network data. The data gets packaged and sold - and users themselves choose the type of data they want packaged and monetized.
Hosted in 190+ Countries
DecentralizedAI validators span every single country in the world, making it more decentralized than Bitcoin.
Q3 2023
Ideation of DecentralizedAI
Development of DecentralizedAI Browser Extension
Structure of network data mining mechanism
Q4 2023
Test network data mining mechanism
AI Cube, AI Cylinder NFT prototype
Q1 2024
Decentralized Browser Extension Beta release
IDO on top tier Launchpads
Listing on top tier exchanges
$DAII Token Launch
Q2 2024
Decentralized Marketplace Beta release
AI Cube Introduction
Q3-Q4 2024
Decentralized Marketplace release
AI Cube Release
2025 - 2026
Decentralized Mainnet release
Decentralized VPN release
Decentralized SDK release
Companies and developers can start inserting Decentralized AI income structure into their platforms